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Meet Dr. Dave

I want to help you show up in the world as your best self so you can lead and succeed in work and life.

I’ve experienced major set backs in my life, and through this, it has made me into the man I am today. 

I suffered with stress, anxiety, depression, , and I don’t want other men to go through what I had to.   

Thats why I’ve distilled down the most effective tools, tactics, and strategies to overcome set backs, rip through fear, and show up as the best version of yourself into a brotherhood and transformational experiences.  


Client Experiences

Jason K.

Breathwork Client

“A single session with Dr. Dave was more profound and effective for me than 3 years of EMDR and talk therapy.”

Gabriel M.

Coaching Client

“This work caused a noticeable shift in my way of being, and helped me show up as a better husband and father.”


Breathwork Client

“I was able to tap into that Warrior + Leader within. I literally felt an identity shift.”

Zaid A.

Awaken Client

“This experience changed my life.” 

Zack B.

Awaken Client

“I have read all the books, tried next to every therapy modalities, and even experimented with most forms of psychedelics, and none of them compare to this experience”

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