Founder + Head Coach

dave cohodes, DC

Hi, I’m Dr. Dave.  

Just like you, I have been through a lot. 

I’ve been to war, received my doctorate in Chiropractic, built and lost companies, made tiny humans, lost and regained my soul, and managed to stay married all the way through.  None of this was easy.  

What matters most, is that I understand who you are, and where you are coming from, no matter what your situation.   

my story


Graduated + Got Married

I committed my life to the service of another.  


Build a Family and Business

I committed myself to serving my children and customers.  


Achieved Success, But Felt Empty

I was working with Pro Athletes, Olympians, and Successful Entrepreneurs, but what I didn’t realize was I was doing this all at a cost my myself.  I was living for everyone else thinking I was going to receive the love, and appreciation I so desperately yearned for. 

This led me through a tremendous journey to unlock my potential and reclaim my soul…


Reclaimed My Soul

By immersing myself in a Brotherhood that kept me accountable, supported my evolution, and challenged me to the depth of my being, I was able to uncover what set me on fire, heal, and show up as the man I am proud to say I have become. 


Purpose Driven Life

Since surrounding myself with a group of brothers who saw me for who I was, supported me where I needed support, and never let me get away with my own shit, I’m now able to bring others to that same space.  

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